About Us

A Britisher, Major Edmund Swetenham, built the Cloud End Bungalow in 1838 for his beautiful mountain bride. Her father, a local ‘Zamindar’, had gifted the estate to him as dowry.

The story goes that Swetenham, during a walk in the mountains heard the most melodious singing and followed the voice till he came upon the singer, a beautiful mountain girl. Frightened, the girl sped home, followed by the smitten Major.

Swetenham took the father’s permission to marry the girl, and received the Estate as dowry.


He selected a hill near Moolti Tibba to build his house, one of the first in Mussoorie, which was completed in the spring and summer of 1838 by 500 labourers. Four generations of the Swetenhams went on to live here.
Today, this East India Company man’s tribute to his beloved is the only jungle resort within 300 kilometres of Delhi, that is at an altitude of more than 7000 feet and has 400 acres of private forest, known as CLOUD END ESTATE.

The Swetenhams moved back to England in 1964. The 400 acre Cloud end estate was bought from them as a summer retreat for his family, by Mr. Durga Ram Agarwal, who was the last General Manager of the Sirmor and Kaulagarh Tea Estates, in the Doon Valley,.

Mr. Agarwal could take a look at his new possession, only a year later, after he had got the road constructed from Hathipaon to Cloud End, for his Jeep. (photo dated 16th Aug.1966 in the photo gallery at cloud end.)

His youngest son, Mr. Digvijay Agarwal, inherited the estate from him, and in 1991, started the resort , with the support and assistance of his wife, the late Mrs. Bhavna Agarwal.

It was a conscious decision on their part to make the resort, as self-reliant as possible and it ran on harvested rainwater, solar and wind energy- till late.

The resort has proved hugely successful among discerning wilderness enthusiasts and justified the approach taken by the promoters. Most importantly of all, it fully protects your privacy. The Bungalow still retains the original architecture, furniture, paintings, books and memorabilia of a bygone era.

The surrounding 2000 acre forest of oak and deodar team with forty-four species of flaura and a hundred and three species of fauna. If after all this, you still wish to spend your holiday in a mini- metro like Mussoorie, that's fine with us. Millions of others do.