Rules & Regulation

Tourists Entering Resort Premises for One Hour Excursions to Pay Premises Rent in Advance

Outdoor Premises (Non Residential)

@ Rs. 50per head entry charge for day visitors.

  • Day of arrival is charged as Full Day till 10am next day. Lodgers occupying room till 4pm, are liable to pay for HALF DAY and thereafter FULL DAY will be charged.
  • The resort must be vacated on the agreed date & time. No advance will be refunded in case of leaving the resort before the agreed date and time.
  • No extra person is allowed in the resort, except the number fixed in the agreement form.
  • Persons suffering from infectious diseases or disable or weak at heart are not allowed in the resort premises.
  • Tourists responsible for any damage or loss to property, during stay shall be charged for damages.
  • Tourists Will Stay in the Resort Premises in a Manner that no Inconvenience or Disturbance is Caused to the Residents or Neighbours.
  • Management/Resort is not responsible for any damage to person or property, due to theft, accident, fire, injury or dog bite.
  • Management reserves the right to turn out any undesirable person from the resort premises without notice or explanation.
  • Taxes will be charged, as applicable.
  • In case of power cut, electricity is provided free through generating sets for a limited duration of 4 hours in the evenings. At other times it is charged from the tourists @ Rs. 100/- per hour.
  • Rainwater is harvested till date here, using the age old British system in underground tanks. There is no scarcity of cold running water. Incase of power cut, water is heated by solar geyser / hamam and is provided in buckets. Do let the waiter know at least ½ hour before your requirement. Do not waste hot water.
  • Resident Guests are warned not to TIP the staff with liquor, every chance you may have to miss your meal, all cash TIP is collected in the tip box at the reception and distributed among all staff.
  • Help us in conserving energy by switching off the reading lights in the rooms when not required.
  • Laundry service available @Rs.50/-per cloth.
  • Horse can be arranged on a prior request of 24 hours.